20 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Website in 2019

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In a world where web traffic (kind of) matters and quality web traffic (really) matters, there’s no shortage of ways to do it. The digital marketing landscape is forever changing – by the week – so it’s very important to stay up-to-date with the latest strategies. This is especially true since not all methods work today as it did yesterday.

So, how do you increase web traffic this year? Keep reading. This post will help you understand the various proven methods to increase your web traffic.

As a side note, I wish I could tell you this will happen overnight but the reality is that it won’t. Otherwise, I’d be titling this post “20 Proven Ways to Increase Web Traffic Overnight Without a Keyboard”.

Some of these strategies are easy to execute while others may take some more time but the key is to consistently take action on improving your web traffic. Be proactive rather than hope that people will visit your site.

1. Upgrade Old Blog Posts & Pages

Convert Old Blog Post

If you currently run a blog with posts dating back to two years or older then it may be time to consider revamping these pages.

Don’t just update something for the sake of moving the post into the future. Instead, go through your past posts and identify anything that is outdated by subject or relevancy. For example, an article written in 2015 about the latest iOS update could use some TLC.

On the other hand, a blog post titled, “How to Get a Dog to Walk Himself” is probably not worth updating unless there’s a new tactic that has seen the light. Or, it needs some images and/or videos to support the copy.

First, do the research on the particular topic. Eliminate any information that is outdated or has no more relevance to the post. Then, include anything noteworthy for your readers.
If you’re a WordPress user, just click “Update” after you upgrade your post.

2. Repurpose Existing Content

Transforming your content into other digestible formats can bring in additional traffic.

Convert a blog post into another format such as video, e-book or infographic. And, vice versa.

Promote this content to your email list and/or social media followers as a new piece of content.

Not only are you doing this for the benefit of your web traffic, but you are also helping your audience by creating content that may be more preferred.

3. Comment On Other Blogs

An old but effective strategy today.

Find and make a list of blogs and websites that are either in the same or in a similar industry as you. Allocate part of your day to commenting or emailing these sites.

The key is to be consistent and personalize it.

If you are commenting, take the time to read the post and offer something insightful in the comments section.

Stay away from generic comments like “Great article Jim!”. Although it’s nice of you to say, it doesn’t provide much value.

An email might be a link to a recent article that they might useful.

4. Setup a Giveaway – Who Wants $50?!

website giveaway

I launched this site in June 2019. After writing some awesome content, the next thing I did was hold a giveaway.

Pretty randomly, I am (or was…depending on when you’re reading this) giving away $50/mo for the next twelve months.

I thought it would be a fun idea to kick off the launch of DigiKane. In exchange, I’ll have people signing up to the site. It’s a win/win.

View our giveaway to win $50 each month.

5. Post on LinkedIn

Posting articles on LinkedIn is a great way to generate more traffic to a professional audience. Depending on your niche, you could really prove your authority in an industry.LinkedIn Post

Because of the professional nature of LinkedIn, articles and posts will move slower down the feed compared to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

A well received article can get great traction through your existing network as well as second and third degree connections.

Know your audience when writing for LinkedIn. For example, let’s say I’m a food blogger and want to get my brand out to the masses. I wouldn’t want to simply post a recipe. Instead, I’ll write an article titled, “How Busy People Can Eat Healthy 7 Nights a Week”. I’ll reserve the recipe content for Facebook or Pinterest.

Keep in mind that your personal brand is on the line. You could create additional opportunities for yourself or could possibly do some harm to your reputation. Just proceed with caution and remember quality over anything else.

6. Publish List Posts

List posts are still very popular for most industries. People love easily digestible content. Lists accomplish this.

The key is to do your research. Find the industry standard then double it.

So, if let’s say you want to create a list of top running accessories in 2019. Through your research, you find most sites list 10 accessories. I’m suggesting you create a list of 20 accessories.

This will appeal to your readers and, in turn, Google could look favorably to your post over the others.

7. Write on Medium

Write on Medium

Medium has become one of the best places to syndicate your talents. Even better, it takes very little effort if you have great content already published on your site.

Here are the steps to gain traffic from Medium:

  1. Find and determine your best article
  2. Repost it as a Medium post (word-for-word is fine but I would add extra content/images to it)
  3. Share on social media

Best case scenario is that Medium considers your article appealing to its audience which will then promote your post. If this happens, you’ll receive a good uptick in referral traffic.

8. Publish Long-Form Content (>2,000)

Long-form content is all the rage right now. In fact, it has proven to be more engaging, more shareable, and better for SEO.

Serp IQ did a study and the results are eye opening to say the least. The average content length for the first three spots in Google had a word count of more than 2,400 words! Sure, there are outliers but my assumption is that you’ll have to provide long-form content if you are in a competitive industry.

SerpIQ Content Length

Consistently providing long-form content is ultimately going to benefit you with the following:

  • Higher search ranking
  • More social shares
  • More backlinks
  • Higher dwell time
  • Readers getting what they are looking for
  • Social proof of your industry expertise

9. Don’t Forget Your On-Page SEO

Optimizing your on-page SEO is so vital to getting your organic search numbers up that it should be top of mind before you eagerly hit “Publish”.

At its most basic form, you should have the target keyword in the title, URL, images and sprinkled throughout your article.

Yoast SEO for WordPress is hands down the best plugin to accomplish this.

10. Build an Email List (from the start)

Convert Kit Email

I continue to teach people that email, done right, is still a very viable way to build trust and increase traffic.

An outbound marketing strategy is a more proactive and controllable strategy.

Regardless of the age of your site, I think it’s a necessity to capture emails from the start. The sooner you do it the more compounding will happen.

My recommendation is ConvertKit. But there are many other email programs like Mail Chimp (which is free).

11. Expand to Pinterest (Yes, even if you are a guy)

It’s been the long-standing thought by most that Pinterest is only for women. Not sure how this came about…maybe all the great food? Or, home design ideas? But, guys can freely visit it too. Crazy thinking right??

Pinterest is a great way to share graphics that you’ve created for your site. My word of advice is stay clear from generic images but do share something unique that people will find helpful.

12. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a site where a community comes together and asks questions. Become a subject matter expert and provide in-depth answers to other’s questions.

Users can upvote answers so spend the time providing valuable information to the original poster. This will not only help him or her but also guide future visitors who land on that page.

13. Be in the Social “In-Crowd”

A great way to build and engage within your community is through social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Put your content aside for now and introduce yourself to the players in your space.

Compliment and/or provide your thoughts on their posts.

It’s easy to carve out 15 minutes of each day to do this activity. The momentum you’ll gain and the relationships that you’ll form will be very advantageous to you.

And as a byproduct, others will be naturally curious of who you are and will hopefully engage in your content.

Be sincerely genuine about connecting.

14. Run Facebook Ads

Buying traffic is a great way to increase traffic ASAP. The downside? It costs money. Running Facebook ads to your targeted audience can yield a positive ROI…when done right.

Before you begin, it’s important to understand the basics and nuances of Facebook Ads. Otherwise, instead of an investment to gain more traffic/sales, it will be a big cost liability to you.

Facebook Ads

Here’s my advice to you if you are starting out:

  • Identify your ideal audience
  • Proceed with a fundamental understanding of how it works
  • Start small and scale up
  • Test and optimize
  • Double-down on what works and eliminate what doesn’t

Side note – you may want to consider hiring a boutique agency or freelancer to run your ads if your budget allows it.

15. Add Social Share Buttons

I think it should be the new normal to incorporate social share buttons to your posts. Do you see those cool, little buttons to the left? They provide an easy way to share our content.

Go ahead and feel free to share it to see how easy it is 😉

You’re conveniently providing your audience an opportunity to provide value to their social network. If the content is great then it may have a snowball effect as others will share it as well.

16. Add Your URL in Your Work and Personal Email Signature

If you regularly use email as a means to communicate with anyone then this is an easy way to gain more visibility to your site.

Simply add your URL (homepage or specific post) into your email signature.

I like to do this for both my work and personal email addresses.

How to add email signatures;

An example of an email signature…

Beau Bridges

Owner – DigiKane (Learn Digital Marketing)



17. Share with Google+

Just kidding. Remember this article is for 2019 and Google+ has since shutdown :/

18. Guest Post

Writing content on another site that links back to yours is called Guest Posting.

You’ll want to do some upfront research first to see which sites you’d like to have your content featured on.

From here, some sites will have a form to submit for a guest post opportunity. If they don’t, just reach out via email.

It is important to create quality content as if you were posting on your own site. See #8 on this list.

Also, make sure to have a compelling bio that will be included at the end of the post. This should clearly communicate who are you and what you do (professionally and personally).

19. Create YouTube Videos

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? It processes over 3 billion searches every month. That’s three thousand millions!

Creating videos will typically be more time consuming and require more effort than typing content but the payoff could be worth it.

There are many types of videos you could create and it would depend on your niche.

How-to, educational, reviews and vlog type videos perform very well.

20. Start or Jump on a Podcast

Voice is here to stay in 2019 and beyond so why not take full advantage of it? Podcasts are great because it provides your audience with another platform like Spotify to digest your content. And, they can do it on-the-go.

I think we are still in the infancy of podcasting and the upside is tremendous.

21. Add Eye-Catching Images to Your Blog Posts

Buzzsumo did a study where they analyzed over a million articles and concluded that an image once every 75-100 words received double the amount of shares than articles with fewer images. Check out the following chart.

Buzzsumo Image text

Go through your existing posts and add attractive images (with alt tags) that represent either the overall article or sections of the article.

For future posts, ensure that you try to hit that sweet spot of 75-100 words for every image.

Doing this simple task will set you up for more social shares. Couple this with value-driven content and you have a recipe for digital success.

Unsplash is a great site to find beautiful, free photos.


Increasing web traffic in 2019 is not an easy feat. We all want to generate more traffic to our website but it does require you to roll up your sleeves. Many of the items I listed above require you to jump off the hammock and DO THE WORK.

I really wish it were easier but in order to get extraordinary results you need to to what most don’t do. What do most people do? They write 250 word blog posts then hope for traffic to role in. When it doesn’t, they get frustrated and quit.

Not you though. You’re a savvy digital marketer that finds this stuff fun.

And this is why you’ll be able to increase your web traffic in 2019 and beyond.